Helllloooo everybody!!

I hope you’re all just excited for the holiday season as I am! Time to see family and friends, enjoy each other’s company, and eat lots and lots and LOTS of food!!!

I love food. It’s a bad romance. I’m awful with sweets and even when I try to diet, I can’t ever seem to cut them out. THEYRE SO GOOD BUT SO BAAAAAD!! But, know why? I’ll say it with pride, I ain’t even mad about it!! When life hands you pumpkin pie there’s only one thing ya gotta do about it: 

In the meantime though, I’ve just started my first job in retail 🎉 So that’s some exciting stuff, I know! 

The craziest part about it is that I WILL be working this upcoming Thanksgiving/Black Friday. And ironically enough, I have never ever been Black Friday shopping ever 😳. This should be interesting, to say the very least! I’m not worried though, I’m a people person and if it isn’t already apparently obvious, I know that I’m fairly capable of rolling with the punches. 

So if you don’t hear from me in a little while, hopefully it’ll be because my schedule will be completely filled with hours ✨ 

As always, I’ll still be updating my life here and there on my insta, Twitter, and maybe even on my YouTube channel. Who knows? #staytuned 


One thought on “Helllloooo everybody!!

  1. Marilyn Lansey

    Good luck with your new job. I’m not a Black Friday shopper, but many, many, many people swear by it. Enjoy. Make lots of $$ but don’t spend it all in one place. 😘

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