A Carbon Fiber Princess: Part 2

If you can, picture way back in the end of august to my part 1 video, which explained the beginning process of how I was custom fitted for my very first myoelectric prosthetic.. well if you either can’t remember or are too lazy to look, SHAME ON YOU!!

Just kidding, here’s part 1 as a refresher:

About a week after I posted this video I got a call from Michelle at Hanger, who asked me if I was free that Friday. My arm was finally completed and she wanted to come deliver it to me herself.

I hadn’t even come close to finishing part 2 of my videos and I wasn’t expecting to have to make a part 3 for maybe another month after that. So I do apologize for the delay!

So here’s my “part 2 & change”, I’m so excited to finally share this with you all and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve learned when I’m finally able to fully control my device!


For more information about me and my story find me on:
instagram & twitter: @whereswaldman


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