March is Endometriosis awareness month.  

Two years before I was “blessed” with my lupus diagnosis, I was first “blessed” with my endo diagnosis.  We had no family history of it and I had no prior implications of what an endo diagnosis fully meant. 

In 2011 I underwent a laparoscopic surgery to extract what they call “chocolate lesions” in my ovaries which were giving me symptoms such as nausea & lack of appetite, extreme pain that often lead to full body paralysis, and severe migraines–to name only a few symptoms that were graciously gifted upon me from this awful disease. Thankfully enough, the laparoscopy did its job in relieving the most severe of those symptoms.

I still live with some “mild” symptoms to this day, and although there is a chance that it can cone back in the future; the “blessing” in my own (O.G.) chronic illness is that talking about it has helped in my recovery process as well as in the diagnosis of some of my friends’ battles with the disease as well.

If you’d like to know more about endometriosis, please visit The Endometriosis Foundation of America for more information.

Thank you to The Mighty for creating and sharing this video


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