Spring, Sprang, [unicorns], Spaceships, Sprung

This is no joke, I swear but Happy April Fools day though! I’ve only been fooled once so far today.. so hopefully it doesn’t get any worse than that! Anyway, here’s another vlog update!! I wanted to introduce you to someone new, but as you’ll see, it was very hard for her to want to stay still…

Enjoy your weekend! Hopefully these April showers won’t bring you down too much, love you fools ❤


My new blog

Well this is my first blog post so, hello!  Some of you may know that this is not my first blog.  I have/ had an account on a website called “Caring Bridge” that I updated while I was in the hospital.  When people found out that I was in the hospital, I was literally bombarded with phone calls and texts, and I found myself having to tell my story over and over again.  It was exhausting.  So I hope that this will be more of a public blog, where I can update everyone a little more often! You can subscribe via email or just check back every once in a while!

I am still getting used to working with word press (I’m more of a tumblr person, but I’m down for trying new things)  but ill do my best to get the hang of this doohickey.  Like I said, I’m mostly just trying this out as more of a public blog.

Please check out my “About Me” if you don’t know my story or would like a refresher.  For those of you that have read my story, there may be some details in there that you haven’t heard yet or might not have known about my hospital stay.

I think that in the future I may post some information about lupus  (Update: there’s a new tab there now! Go look!!)… or as a treat, I may even post some  funny pictures from my ketamine adventures…but we’ll see

Thrift Hat