Spring, Sprang, [unicorns], Spaceships, Sprung

This is no joke, I swear but Happy April Fools day though! I’ve only been fooled once so far today.. so hopefully it doesn’t get any worse than that! Anyway, here’s another vlog update!! I wanted to introduce you to someone new, but as you’ll see, it was very hard for her to want to stay still…

Enjoy your weekend! Hopefully these April showers won’t bring you down too much, love you fools ❤


Myoelectric Sensor Test

I almost completely forgot to post this entry, so I apologize in advanced for that! Anyway, something incredibly exciting happened this past week. On Wednesday I went to find out if I was eligible for a myoelectric prosthetic. I took a “test” to find out which muscles in my arm were strong enough to trigger sensors, which would be able to open/close a myoelectric hand.

So, my mom took a short little video clip and you can see me go through the testing (which was exhausting) and even try to move a hand (which was equally as exhausting). It was such a redeeming feeling though; to even attempt to get a reading was exciting enough for me. Watch the clip below to see whether I was successful or not…

A New Beginning

Hey Everyone! So it did take me a little while to write this blog post, and I apologize for that, BUT I have some great news to share with you!! I’ve been to my final Fitting for my prosthetic!!

So, because I love all of my loyal followers so very much, I have some pictures to share with you!

So this will be the inside part of the whole prosthesis, the lines he’s drawing will be a part of a fiberglass socket that will be attached to the rubber piece above
He’s now wrapping fiberglass around just the lower part of my arm
So this is the finished 1st piece of the prosthetic fitted, cut and molded to my arm specifically
This part’s a little hard to explain, but basically, they were trying to match my prosthetic hand’s thumb to my actual hand. If you look closely, you can see that the fake hand is smaller than my hand, they will have a normal sized hand on my actual prosthetic
This is basically the finished product!(with a sassy expression of course)
Finally I got to pick out what skin tone color I wanted, and my mom definitely helped me out with that one!

So that’s basically it for the process itself… and I just found out that it will be finished 10 days after my birthday (which is Mar 21st) so it will be done and mine on Mar 31st!!!!!!! I’m very very very excited about it, and I’ll be sure to post pictures of it for you when I have it!

Oh, and by the way, Happy Birthday to my Poppop!!!!! Love you<3

Casting for my first prosthetic!

Hey everybody, sorry I was a little late in my postings this week, but there really wasn’t much that happened! There was some snow and then I napped, got some blood work done… and got my mold taken for my first prosthetic!!

I’ve been working with the Hanger clinic as I’ve gone through my healing process and I’ve decided that my first prosthesis is just going to be a basic silicone arm.  It will unfortunately not include any Terminator-like features, but it will, however, help me to regain a bit of a sense of normalcy. The fingers will be able to bend so that I can hold things and they will be able to match it (to the best of their ability) to my skin tone.  Later on down the line I might be able to find some different types of prosthetics that have some function or abilities, but for now a basic arm is just what I need.  So, I’ve included some pictures from the molding process to share with all of you!

So enjoy my love-muffins!

They had just spread a hefty amount of Vaseline on my arm to keep the molding from completely sticking to my skin... it did however manage to grab each and every one of my arm hairs though..
They had just spread a hefty amount of Vaseline on my arm to keep the molding from completely sticking to my skin… it did however manage to grab each and every one of my arm hairs though..